Summit Mission

Our Commitment To Your Success

Our mission is to provide a path for wellness and recovery and improve the overall quality of life for individuals struggling with substance abuse and related mental health difficulties. To achieve this mission, our professionals utilize an integrative treatment approach that incorporates the best clinical & medical practices and evidence-based treatment strategies available in the behavioral health field.

Why We Are Different

Summit Vision

Addiction Treatment Continuum of Care

Our vision is to build a continuum of effective, high-quality treatment services and to become the provider of first choice with a national reputation for client-centered behavioral health programs that succeed.

The Summit Experience

Summit Values

Proven Custom Recovery Approach

Our employee values that guide us in our mission and vision are:

  • Client Centered — Client care is our #1 priority, taking precedence over other responsibilities and receiving adaptive, individualized, care which is authentic to the true needs of the person.
  • Innovative Practice — We incorporate a best practice approach to treatment by utilizing long standing evidenced-based care, along with embracing advancements in technology & medicine to lead the industry in truly holistic treatment.
  • Dignity & Respect for All — Each individual relationship, whether client, patient, employee or business associate is held to the highest standard of non-judgment, compassion and empathy.
  • Safety — We are devoted to providing a place where mind, body and spirit can be restored to health within our supportive & comfortable environment.
  • Integrity — Our organization is committed to providing uncompromised services with a level of professionalism delivered with consistency, honesty and reliability across the Continuum.
  • Enlightened Leadership — We serve through carrying out the mission, vision, and values of the organization, supporting each individual to grow into greater empowerment in their role of bringing forward the message of hope and healing to others.
  • Teamwork — Our multidisciplinary teams work collaboratively with trust In each other’s expertise to foster an open line of communication which supports our integrative approach.
  • Community — We identify the current behavioral health challenges facing our community and strive to meet those needs in alignment with our core values.

Meet the Summit Staff

Our promise to you is to guide your path from Hope to Healing.