Ready for Rehab – Now What?

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At Summit Behavioral Health, we understand addiction and the toll it can take on the individual and on the family. We make the process of getting started as easy and as comfortable as possible, treating our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Recovery is possible. There is hope.

And We Can Help.

Getting started with addiction treatment may feel intimidating at first. We understand this and are ready to help you on your road to drug addiction recovery. Your first step is asking for help.

At Summit Behavioral Health, we work with family members, co-workers and other professionals, as well as directly with the individual in need of support to provide comprehensive care and treatment for addiction.

Whether you are searching for drug addiction recovery programs for yourself or for someone you care about, we can offer guidance and insight into the addiction treatment process, and will work to provide you with clarity into the steps that lay ahead.

About Our Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Substance Abuse Rehab

We specialize in alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, including support for alcoholism and drug abuse. Our programs are customized to the need of the individual. Wherever you are, whatever level and form of support you would benefit from, we are here to work with you.

Our programs are designed to help you on your journey to recovery. They include:

  • Relapse Prevention Program – This 16-week course meets twice a week, supporting those who may have just completed an intensive outpatient or inpatient program.
  • Advanced Recovery Program – This program is for clients in stable recovery who want on-going recovery support.
  • Medical Detoxification – We assist those who need detoxification in finding a care facility and addiction medicine physicians who can provide the needed services.
  • Family Education and Counseling – For family members of those struggling with addiction, we offer education and counseling sessions to help increase understanding of addiction and foster positive change within the family.
  • Treatment for Anxiety and Depression – Since both anxiety and depression often intersect with substance abuse, we coordinate with psychiatrists who can assist our clients as needed.

We customize each client’s treatment plan, offering holistic, evidence-based care on the path to a life free from addiction.

As you enter our programs, we will invite you to participate in group sessions where you can get to know others who have had similar experiences with addiction, and talk with those at all different levels of recovery. We understand that overcoming addiction requires a reshaping of one’s former environment, and we are happy to work together with you, your family and other loved ones to help everyone let go of pain and move forward with a healthier outlook on life.

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Today can mark the first step on the path to a new life,
but only if you’re willing to take the first step and reach out.