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Could Meth-Related Memories Be Erased?

It would be ground-breaking if drug-associated memories could be erased from the minds of recovering addicts. It’s an unfortunate reality that many individuals who are recovering from drug addiction continue to struggle with memories which can temp them to relapse for months and even years after rehab treatment. The Possibility Of Meth-Associated Memory Removal The […]

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Could Access To Medicaid-Approved Inpatient Addiction Treatment Soon Be Expanded?

For years, low-income individuals have relied on state and local sources to seek addiction treatment. Now, thanks to a recent federal proposal, families with few financial resources can get the help they need. If this proposal goes through, Medicaid, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, may channel federal dollars into addiction treatment […]

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Fraternity Members Unaffected By Alcohol Intervention Programs,
Study Suggests

A recent study suggests that members of a college fraternity who drink to excess are unlikely to change their behavior, even in light of evidence-based methods of curbing alcohol abuse. Even interventions with high efficacy have little effect on frat brothers, according to the study, published in the journal Health Psychology in May. The findings […]

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The War On Drugs – How Successful Has It Truly Been?

The United States has a long complicated history of fighting drug and alcohol abuse. The first anti-opium laws were passed back in the 1870s and were directed at stopping usage by Chinese immigrants. Anti-cocaine laws were implemented in the early 1900s, and laws to stop marijuana use date back to the 1910s. Of course, there […]

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Ask An Expert With Maria Ulmer: How Do You Tell Someone They Need Addiction Help?

Summit Behavioral Health’s very own addiction expert and Chief Clinical Director, Maria Ulmer, offers helpful insight on a question frequently asked by the loved ones of an addict. Q: How Do You Approach Someone To Tell Them That They Need Help? A: Addressing someone you care about regarding an addiction or compulsive behavior can be […]

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