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How The Chemicals In Our Food Are Leading To Mental Health Disorders

As children, we’re all told we are what we eat. There is certainly truth to this, and eating right offers substantial benefits when it comes to overall health.  Our bodies are finely-tuned instruments and it truly matters what we put into them. But, you may not have considered that the food we eat can also […]

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How To Help A Heroin Addict Before They Hit Rock Bottom

The United States is facing a growing epidemic of heroin addiction. Currently, the number two cause of addiction in the country is prescription opioid painkillers which often leads to heroin addiction. More than 4 million Americans age 12 or older have used heroin, and nearly 25% become dependent on it. The Dangers Of Hitting Rock […]

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Which Is A Greater Threat To Public Health In America: Alcohol Or Drugs?

It’s a long-standing debate amongst addiction experts. Which is more dangerous – alcohol or drugs. Clearly, they have similarities. Both can lead to addiction. Both can ruin lives. Both can cause a variety of physical and mental health problems. Alcohol – An Undeniable, Easily Accessible Threat Yet, many consider alcohol to be more risky because […]

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4 Tips To Prevent Entering Rehab Over And Over

Have you ever seen a rehab center with a revolving front door? Not likely. The goal for addicts is to check in, recover, learn real-world strategy tips and hopefully never come back. For many addicts, spending time in rehab can be a life-altering experience. One of the main benefits of getting away to a facility […]

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What Are The Warning Signs Of Prescription Painkiller Abuse?

There is a growing epidemic in the United States. Yet, few people realize the extent of the problem. Prescription painkiller abuse is skyrocketing, but many people are not even aware of it. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) notes that more people died from drug overdose in 2014 than in any other year on record, […]

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