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What Medical Drug Detox Actually Looks Like

Let’s face it, the word detox sounds a little scary, and the term “medical detox” is widely misunderstood. To understand their meanings, it’s best to take them one at a time. Detox, which is short for detoxification, is the process by which toxins or toxic substances (such asWhat traces of drugs or alcohol) are eliminated […]

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The Consequences Of Addiction In 2016

Addiction has always been a serious illness that impacts a wide cross-section of men and women. Many individuals have generations of family members who have struggled with alcoholism or drug addiction. There have always been serious consequences to addiction, as well. In previous eras, individuals struggled with going cold turkey or being admitted into a […]

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Exploring The Connection Between Addiction and Homelessness

For many of us, there’s a common image of a homeless person taking a swig of liquor from a paper bag or in a back alley shooting up heroin. There has long been an association between homelessness and substance abuse. Yet, why is this the case? Although there are certainly many alcoholics and drug addicts […]

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Helping A Child Understand Addiction Through Empathy

Empathy is a unique characteristic only found in humans, one that serves as the foundation for caring for others and sustaining strong relationships. Empathy is the ability to consider another’s perspective or to methaphorically walk in another’s shoes. By developing the skill to be compassionate toward others, family members become better equipped to deal with […]

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Rehab Fraud: Treatment Centers Found Cycling Addicts Through Programs For Profit

With the growing problem of opioid addiction across the United States, there are many individuals who are struggling with addiction and in need of treatment. While most rehab programs that provide professional treatment are legitimate and focused on delivering quality care, there are sadly some that are profiting off addicts and their insurance policies. It’s […]

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