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Addiction Treatment Experts Explain How To Tell Your Kids About Your Addiction

One of the hardest conversations you will ever have is telling your kids about your addiction, say the addiction treatment experts at Summit Behavioral Health. You likely have the view that parents are supposed to be role models for their kids, guiding them though life’s obstacles, and doing so with a positive image. Substance abuse […]

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NJ Alcoholism Treatment Center Explains What “Drinking in Moderation” Means

Summit Behavioral Health a NJ alcoholism treatment center outlines the facts on what moderation means and why it’s important.  You may have heard the saying, “everything in moderation.” Generally, it means that most things are safe as long as you don’t overdo them. This can go for a lot of things, from eating sweets and […]

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Addiction Treatment Center: How to Manage Prescription Pain Meds During Recovery

New Jersey addiction treatment center explains how to deal with serious pain and the risk involved with prescription pain medication while maintaining recovery. Everyone will experience physical pain at some point. Whether you’re in an accident, suffer from chronic back pain, have surgery, or break a bone, there is no one who is immune. That […]

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Drug & Alcohol Interventions. What Drug Addiction Treatment Specialists Think

The drug addiction treatment specialists at Summit Behavioral Health treatment centers in NJ, PA and MA weigh in on the effectiveness of drug interventions. Addiction doesn’t only affect the person suffering from the disorder. It affects the problem drinker or drug taker’s family and friends in a major way. It’s often difficult to get the […]

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