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Top Side Effects From Alcohol Withdrawal

Do you or a loved one struggle with a dependence to alcohol? If so, you probably have concerns and questions about what happens if and when you stop drinking. The fact is there are a variety of common side effects from alcohol withdrawal that most individuals experience when they begin recovery. Understanding Alcohol Addiction Withdrawal […]

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Is Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Leading To Heroin Addiction?

It’s an unfortunate reality that prescription drug abuse is increasing among teenagers. Drugs like OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin are among the most common medications that are being abused and leading to addiction. Approximately 1 in 5 teens will abuse prescription drugs before they graduate from high school. And, 2,500 teens abuse prescription drugs for the […]

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How “Normal” Is It To Drink?

Have you ever wondered if your drinking habits fall in the normal range? What one person thinks is minimal alcohol consumption can seem downright outrageous to someone who doesn’t imbibe. The fact is there’s a wide spectrum of alcohol consumption. More than 60 percent of Americans drink alcohol, and research indicates that nearly 10 percent […]

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4 Tips To Cope When A Loved One Is An Alcoholic

More than 43 percent of Americans have one or more family members struggling with alcoholism. That’s a staggering number! An even greater number have a friend or a significant other who struggles with alcohol. The reality is that the majority of us have at least one person in our life who has a problem with […]

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April Is Alcohol Awareness Month – Spread The Word Now

Launched by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (NCADD) in 1987, Alcohol Awareness Month was created to help reduce the stigma surrounding alcoholism and to build awareness about the dangers of alcohol, alcoholism and recovery. This chronic, progressive disease affects more than 17 million Americans, as well as has a profound impact on […]

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