Teen Addiction Treatment Serenity at Summit New Jersey | Haverhill MA

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Interviewer: So Maria, we know that Summit offers adult programs, do they offer teen services as well?

Maria: We do. we offer in our outpatient programs teen treatment options that would include intensive outpatient, and outpatient programming for the teenager, and the parents, or caregivers. That would be something they participate, they’d live at home, they come into our programs anywhere between one and four or five times a week depending on the needs of the individual. And that’s for someone usually between 14 and 18 still in school.

We also offer young adult programming, specific to 18, 25, 26-year-olds. In this population, we really see a true difference between the older adult, the teenager, and somewhere in the middle a struggling population where they have specific needs, and therefore the treatment options that have to be very tailored, and targeted to their individualized needs and symptoms.

And then, in addition, we also offer for adults anyone over 18 programming that would include detox, residential, and outpatient programs. Interviewer: so Summit absolutely meets the patient exactly where they are. Maria: Yes, we look into identifying individualized approach, where someone is coming in expressing their need and we work with them to identify what their treatment plan goals would be, truly from where they are and where they hope to be.

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