Individualized Substance Abuse Treatment

Detox, Outpatient & Residential

Here at Summit Behavioral Health we offer a number of substance abuse, addiction rehab, and dual diagnosis treatment programs. Our facilities are equipped to treat adolescents (IOP only) and adults, both men and women, suffering from drug addition, alcohol abuse or a co-occurring disorder.

We have several treatment facilities located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Keep reading to learn more about our services and treatment programs.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment Programs

Medical Detoxification

Many substances lead to extremely uncomfortable symptoms when use stops. In some situations these symptoms can even be life-threatening. The fear of withdrawal symptoms can drive people back to using despite the intention to quit.

Our detoxification and withdrawal therapy program is typically recommended for those who have severe drug or alcohol dependence. During the detox program, medications can be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms and make it easier to achieve initial abstinence.

After detoxification, other methods of our addiction treatment programs can be used to maintain sobriety and strengthen your commitment to recovery.

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Residential Treatment Programs

Medically-Supervised Inpatient Treatment

For some people, overcoming addiction requires a break from the destructive habits and social scenery that lead to their continued substance abuse. It isn’t easy to break those habits when an individual sees the same people, passes the same spots, and is even reminded of their habits by certain things they come across daily. A residential treatment program from Summit Behavioral Health can help remove the power that these triggers have on an individual by removing them from the triggers for an extended period of time.

Our inpatient treatment center in Haverhill, MA is a state-of-the-art facility. Renovated in late 2015, it has quickly become a standard-bearer for residential treatment programs in the Northeast. Inside, our patients experience comfortable bedrooms, delicious and nutritious food, and a professional and caring staff.

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Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program

Drug, Alcohol & Dual Diagnosis

The initial abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can often times lead to a full-blown addiction when left untreated. Our substance abuse programs are intended to help individuals who are struggling with abuse or dealing with a serious addiction. Because our levels of care are completely customizable we can get to know you, or your loved one, and develop a treatment plan that makes sense for your specific needs.

Our primary level of care is run through a 12-week intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP). The substance abuse outpatient program allows clients to continue working and living at home while benefiting from a highly structured and intensive treatment experience. Our “outpatient rehab” program can serve as primary treatment, as an alternative to inpatient rehab or as aftercare treatment following completion of an inpatient program.

Our Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) Details:

The IOP includes group counseling and education sessions for patients and family members, as well as individual counseling sessions and urine testing. The program meets three times a week for three hours each day. Typical modalities and treatment therapies include:

  • Holistic Modalities – such as yoga, meditation and creative arts
  • The 12 Step Program and Self-Help Programs
  • Family Education and Counseling
  • Co-occurring Disorder Treatment

More on Our Co-Occurring Treatment Program:

Substance abuse is often accompanied by anxiety, depression or another mental disorder. These problems may have existed before the substance abuse started or developed as a result of chronic alcohol or drug use. Either way, when symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental disorders persist for several weeks or months after completely stopping alcohol/drug use, referral for psychiatric evaluation and appropriately prescribed non-addictive medication may be indicated. We maintain collaborative relationships with local psychiatrists who can see our clients when needed.

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Addiction Relapse Prevention Program and Continued Care

Aftercare Program

After our initial addiction treatment program has been completed, a maintenance program is typically recommended to aid in continued sobriety. Maintenance programs are necessary because alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic conditions that require daily maintenance to prevent relapse.

Relapse Prevention Program (RPP):

This 16-week program is for clients who do not require more intensive treatment, including those who have recently completed an IOP or inpatient treatment. Similar to the intensive program, the RPP includes group counseling and education sessions for patients and family members, individual counseling sessions and urine testing. However, the RPP meets less frequently – just twice per week for 1.5 hours per visit.

Our Relapse Prevention Programs can include:

  • Continued attendance of group meetings and/or counseling
  • Help changing habits and relationships
  • A daily treatment and activity plan
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • Advance recovery

More on Our Advanced Recovery Program (ARP):

This open-ended program is for clients in stable recovery who have successfully completed prior treatment and want to participate in ongoing recovery-oriented group therapy and/or individual counseling. Clients can choose individual therapy only, group therapy only or a combination of both individual and group therapy. Length of participation in the ARP is determined individually for each client. The ARP group meets once weekly for 90 minutes. Individual counseling sessions are scheduled by appointment as needed.

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By completing the right detox and substance abuse treatment program for you, it is possible to permanently overcome drug and alcohol addiction and go on to live a balanced life free from substance abuse.