Addiction Treatment Continuum of Care

Personalized Treatment Programs

When you are first admitted to a Summit Behavioral Health facility, you’ll find a caring staff that is eager to help guide you on a path to recovery. You’ll also find a facility that is equipped to meet all your addiction treatment continuum of care needs as you prepare to break your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Soon after your admission to one of our programs, our clinicians will do an intake assessment of your history with substance abuse and your needs going forward. If any co-occurring disorders are discovered during this time, our clinicians will enhance your treatment plan accordingly.

After your assessment, we will craft a customized recovery plan to get you the most appropriate, effective care during your time with us. You’ll soon begin a series of counseling sessions and individualized holistic treatments, working with a staff that’s ready to go above and beyond to meet your health needs.

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The Intensive Outpatient Treatment Experience

Multiple Facilities for Your Convenience

Summit Behavioral Health has several intensive outpatient facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If you’re admitted to one of these facilities, you’re able to receive customized rehab services and then return home at the end of the day. Or, if you don’t live close to one of our intensive outpatient clinics, our staff is ready to help you find affordable hotel accommodations within a close proximity to your Summit rehab center of choice. Additionally, our medical and support team is always here for you whenever you need our help, even if it’s between your counseling sessions or scheduled activities.

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The Residential Treatment Experience

Located in Massachusetts for Adults 18+ Only

If you’re admitted to our inpatient facility in New England you’ll find yourself in a private, comfortable environment that’s going to be conducive to a successful recovery. Not to mention, the rehab center was recently renovated with modern furniture and state-of-the-art medical equipment. You’ll begin your addiction treatment program with medically supervised detox, and you’ll get to turn in every night on one of the 40 beds designated for clients on the property. Your residential program will also consist of various counseling sessions and holistic activities, as recommended by your supervising medical care professionals. Also worth looking forward to is the delicious, nutrient-rich meals our staff will serve you every day, which are designed to aid in breaking your dependence on alcohol or drugs and promote overall well-being.

The Continued Care Experience

Programs for Lifelong Recovery

Even after you’ve graduated from one of Summit Behavioral Health’s addiction recovery programs, we’re always in touch. Not only do we help connect you with health care providers near your home who can monitor your sober living recovery progress, but our staff members are always just a phone call or email away. We want to make sure your recovery lasts, and we remain open to hearing from and helping you after you’ve finished your structured treatment program. Don’t forget that the doors to our intensive outpatient clinics are always open to you if you need ongoing services after your completed program. Summit Behavioral Health strives to give you the best in addiction treatment services, and we’ve always got your back.

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