Life After Rehab


Recovery Doesn’t End at Graduation

Once a client completes one of our programs, we strive to maintain connection throughout the recovery process. Summit is dedicated to finding ways to check in on our Alumni’s progress and even help provide referral service to additional treatment or sobriety resources, whether through one of our outpatient facilities or a health care professional in their community.

When a person seeks care at Summit, they find a life-long partner in recovery. Read on about how this philosophy comes to fruition when a person graduates from one of Summit’s drug and alcohol recovery programs…

What to Expect After Rehab:


Completing treatment is a significant achievement, a milestone in the path of wellness and recovery. At Summit, we acknowledge this accomplishment with a special closing and while celebrating the healing and renewal that has already been attained, prepare our clients for the continued path of sobriety.

Coordination with Healthcare Professionals

Summit care providers are vigilant in communicating with a client’s already existing physicians and other professionals throughout the treatment process. Transitioning care at time of completion is a natural byproduct of our inclusive approach. For clients not already working with a healthcare professional, our clinicians and care coordination staff ensure a comprehensive discharge plan for everyone completing one of our recovery programs.

The multidisciplinary team or medical and clinical at Summit will continue to keep an open line of communication with the recommended health professionals to ensure the recovery process is going as planned.

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Continued Outpatient Services

Returning home after rehab is a significant milestone for those in early recovery, however it can also be laden with difficult situations. Perhaps the most important assets in our extended services is our series of outpatient programs. Even after graduating from a structured program at Summit, clients have the opportunity to return home for additional outpatient treatment. When collaborating on a continuing care plan where extended treatment may be needed, we can recommend transitioning care to an outpatient facility for additional services such as counseling sessions, groups, medical services, or holistic therapy activities.

With addiction treatment, the journey often never reaches a definitive end. Summit walks the path with our clients to finding the next most appropriate level of care.

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Summit Behavioral Health is Never Out of Reach

Not only do we keep an open line of communication with the referred professionals, but our caring team is also easily accessible to former clients. Summit’s staff is always available via a phone call or email long after graduation from one of our programs. Our team beams with inspiration when hearing from one our Alumni and enjoys the opportunity to provide guidance regarding progress in recovery.

Alumni Engagement


Summit is committed to the ongoing recovery of all of our clients and it is with absolute certainty that strides on the path to wellness are made with community and connection.

Professional literature suggests that ongoing client engagement during and after the treatment process contributes to the best possible outcomes in sobriety. Our compassionate Alumni team is ready to maintain connection with our former clients as they take their next steps in sobriety. Summit offers Alumni engagement calls to follow up the on progress of recovery for 1 year following treatment.

Community and Connection

Establishing a community with others in recovery is essential to maintaining a fresh perspective. Through our various social media platforms, Summit encourages our clients, family, and Alumni to join our online community for information, inspiration, and connection.

For our Alumni Community

Summit Alumni Services

For Families and Advocates


Alumni Events


During the course of treatment, our clients are immersed in a medically and clinically supervised environment on which the foundation of recovery is laid. Once completing treatment, Summit is committed to building upon that foundation with recovery centered social, recreational, and educational events.

Our Alumni Services team revels at the opportunity to collaborate with current and former clients to develop fun, engaging events for our Alumni community to celebrate, connect, and re-discover passion for life.

Take a look at some of our previous and upcoming events:

Family Recovery Services

Family Recovery Services

Years of research and practice in addiction medicine affirm over and over again how vital the role of family is in the recovery process. Summit strongly believes in integrating family in the addiction recovery process and offers family involvement at all our locations, at every level of care.

Help for Families

Addiction Family Support Groups

Many family members ask how to help someone after rehab. Aside from playing an important role in the recovery of the person struggling with alcohol or other drugs, family members are strongly encouraged to access their own support. Current professional literature suggests that the single most predictive factor of a person successfully pursuing recovery from addiction is the involvement of family members in their own support system. That being said, help for family members is just as important.

Summit responds to the needs of our communities and is partnering with local organizations to offer a series of community based Family Support Groups, open to anyone affected by another’s substance use. These No-Fee meetings offer education and support for families and friends, even those not in our care.

Find a meeting at one of Summit’s facilities:

Family Support Groups

Alumni Services Team

Summit is excited to welcome back Paul Lavella as the Director Alumni Services. In the short time he’s been away, he’s envisioned a series of services that takes client care beyond the treatment setting and extends to just to Summit’s clients, but also to families and communities.

Summit Alumni Services was created to fill a need in the treatment community that is not routinely addressed. There are many treatment programs providing evidence based care for their clients, some which also involve family in the treatment process, but through research in the field of addiction treatment and years of practical experience, we know that so much more is needed.

Alumni Services includes a series of programs designed to amplify the recovery of our clients, alumni, families and communities. We’re looking forward to introducing our community-based programs to all of our facilities.