Life After Rehab

Recovery Doesn’t End at Graduation

Once a client graduates from one of our programs we strive to stay connected to their recovery process. We’re always looking for ways to check on their progress and even get them additional treatment services, whether through one of our outpatient facilities or health care professionals in their community. When clients are first admitted to a Summit Behavioral Health facility, they find a partner in their recovery for life! Here’s how that philosophy comes to fruition, even after a client graduates from one of Summit’s drug and alcohol recovery programs:

What to Expect After Rehab:

We are excited to welcome back Paul Lavella to the Summit Behavioral Health family as the Director of Alumni Services!

Summit Alumni Services was created to fill a need in the treatment community that is not routinely addressed. There are many treatment programs providing evidence based care for their clients, some of which also involve family in the treatment process, but through research in the field of addiction treatment and years of practical experience, we know that so much more is needed.

In the short time he’s been away, he’s envisioned a line of service that takes client care beyond the treatment setting and extends to not just Summit’s clients, but families and communities.

We are proud to introduce Summit Alumni Services – a series of programs designed to amplify the recovery for our clients, alumni, families and community. We’re looking forward to introducing our community-based programs to all of our facilities.


Families And Communities Embracing Solutions

Education & support for any person who has a loved one with an addiction. No-Fee services open to the community!


Clients & Alumni Recovery Enhancing Services

Recovery centered social and recreational events for clients and alumni to foster connection and community.


Client And Lifestyle Management

Compassionate care management designed to follow-up with clients for up to 1 year after receiving services with Summit.

Coordination with Other Healthcare Professionals

Summit care providers are vigilant in communicating with a client’s existing doctors once he or she graduates from an addiction treatment program, and our staff also helps set the former client up with any medical professionals near home who can help foster a lasting recovery. The client’s former supervising medical team at Summit will continue to keep an open line of communication with the recommended health professionals to ensure the recovery process is going as planned.

Summit Staff Members are Never Out of Reach

Not only do we keep an open line of communication with the referred doctors and health care professionals, but our medical and support staff also is easily accessible to the former clients themselves. Summit’s staff is always available via a phone call or email long after a client’s graduation from one of our programs. Our team is eager to hear from and provide guidance to each client regarding his or her progress in recovery.

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Continued Intensive Outpatient Services

Benefits Of Group Therapy For Alcohol Abuse | Group Therapy ProgramsPerhaps the most important asset in our extended care services is our group of intensive outpatient clinics. Even after graduating from a structured program at Summit, clients have the opportunity to return for additional services on an outpatient basis. This is an especially valuable option to those who have already completed an inpatient residential program at our Union, NJ location but need continued services. If a client graduates one of our programs but we determine extended care is needed, we can set him or her up with additional services, such as counseling sessions or holistic therapy activities, on a more limited basis. With addiction rehab, the journey often never reaches a definitive end, so we can always find ways to get somebody additional treatment outside the predetermined time of a recovery program.

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