The Sobriety App that Goes Everywhere You Do

A Partnership Between Summit Behavioral Health and Triggr Health

Sobriety App
At Summit Behavioral Health, we’re committed to facilitating the long-term sobriety of each and every client. To help make that mission more possible, we’ve partnered with Triggr Health to get clients set up with an effective drug and alcohol recovery app on their smartphones.

The Triggr Health sobriety app helps our clients:

  • Build self-awareness
  • Maintain personal accountability
  • Track recovery goals

Logically, this mobile recovery app helps clients in outpatient treatment at Summit Behavioral Health as well as our alumni who find it useful to have to the extra support in their recovery journey.

However, we’ve also began encouraging our residential treatment clients to get in the habit of using this sobriety app so that it’s part of their daily routine once they move toward outpatient treatment and beyond.

Benefits of the Triggr Health Recovery App

We Believe It’s the Best Recovery App on the Market

These features are what set Triggr Health apart from other sobriety apps on the market:

Easy to Use

The recovery app is easy to set up on one’s smartphone, and it adapts easily to the person’s recovery plan/schedule. After installing the app, the user begins filling out a profile that includes:

  • Their reason for staying sober
  • Sobriety goals
  • Triggers for relapse

A filled-out user profile allows for the best in personalization for the recovering addict, and the app soon learns and responds to the user’s behavior and activity.

Provides Peer Support

Through the app, the individual can connect to a peer support group, where they can encourage others as well as celebrate important steps they’ve made in their own recovery. If an individual is struggling with a certain challenge in their recovery, the peer support group can help encourage and inspire them through the difficulty, all via the app.

Connects to One’s Care Team

The Triggr Health app allows users to communicate regularly with their treatment provider. Additionally, the app tracks their progress in recovery and keeps them connected with their entire care team, especially during the most difficult days of substance abstinence.

Proactive Monitoring and Outreach

Maintaining treatment can be difficult. Therefore, the Triggr Health app is designed to help users through their most challenging moments by learning their behavior patterns and identifying the moments when they’re most at risk of relapse.

If a red flag is raised, the app can inform a person’s care team, allowing those trusted professionals to respond with appropriate help and resources to assist the individual in their time of need.

Learn more about and download the Triggr Health app here.