Addiction Treatment For Teens and Adults

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Whether you’re searching for drug and alcohol treatment centers for a teen (ages 13-17) or an adult(18+), Summit Behavioral Health has the rehab solutions your loved one needs to begin the path to recovery from addiction. Our substance abuse rehab programs address a wide variety of symptoms for males and females who are struggling with abuse or dependency on alcohol or other drugs.

Treating clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, Summit Behavioral Health offers a full spectrum of substance abuse treatment options, including detox, residential and intensive outpatient programs. Our evidence-based, individualized treatment services help adults and teens:

  • Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Gain Support and Guidance
  • Be Restored Mentally, Physically and Spiritually
  • Learn the Necessary Tools to Maintain Sobriety

Summit’s treatment programs are completely customized to adults and teens’ recovery needs, including the nature of their addiction.

Teen Addiction Treatment Programs

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Summit Behavioral Health has clinicians and counselors on staff who are specialized in treatment methods for teenagers struggling with a chemical dependency. At Summit, we separate teen and adult care to better group together clients of a similar age. This especially is important in group counseling sessions, 12-step meetings and some of our holistic therapy activities. Our intensive outpatient programs work particularly well for teenage clients, as they can come into one of our New Jersey or Pennsylvania facilities for rehab services that fit around their school schedule.

Since teen substance abuse often greatly affects parents, siblings and extended family members, we stress numerous family care options as part of our teen treatment programs. We extend our support to the families of young addicts through activities such as family education, parents support group and individual family therapy sessions.

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Adult Addiction Treatment Programs

Detox, Outpatient & Residential Treatment

For men and women 18 and older and struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, Summit Behavioral Health can craft the right recovery program for you. Our locations are discrete, yet easy to access from most major highways with a wide range of programs available during the day, evenings and weekends.

Anger Management Program (Also Available for Adolescents)

Programs that follow the SAMSHA curriculum on Anger Management and Emotional Regulation within an 8-week psycho- educational structure.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Programs monitored by our medical professionals that use medication to help manage cravings and other emotional/ psychiatric symptoms.

DUI Program

A psycho-educational series designed to assist individuals facing legal difficulties associated with drug and alcohol-related driving offenses.

Our holistic treatment services include such cutting-edge techniques as adventure-based therapy, DBT skill development, physical fitness and nutritional training, yoga, and structured individual and group therapies. Like in teen treatment, we also offer family therapy options for adult clients working their way toward a recovery. At Summit, we aim to empower change within each client, giving them the tools they need to move forward in life.

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