Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Teens in NJ & PA

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Having a teenager who becomes involved with drugs and alcohol can be an overwhelming and heart wrenching experience. The teen’s safety and quality of life is at stake. Additionally relationships within the family are strained. Family members feel isolated and ineffective as both emotional and financial resources are overwhelmed. The family can be exposed to a limitless number of liabilities. Teenage alcohol and drug abuse requires a quality treatment center you can turn to, one that understands teenage substance abuse that can diagnose and treat the co-occurring issues which frequency accompany adolescent substance problems. Our alcohol and drug rehab for teens employs clinicians with the experience to understand the nuances of teenage substance abuse and the importance of family involvement. Summit Behavioral Health’s goal is to interrupt the cycle of substance abuse effecting teens and their families, learning productive coping mechanisms and communication styles that lead to productive and fulfilling lives. Our client-centered approach allows us to individualize care to meet the specific needs of each family permitting us to meet the client “where they’re at” whenever possible.

Individualized Teen Drug Rehab Programs

Lasting Recovery Through Custom Substance Abuse Programs

substance abuse programs for teenagersHelping teens overcome drug and alcohol problems and navigate the tumultuous emotional tides of adolescence isn’t quite the same as helping adults with similar problems. Teens are going thru so many changes as they are moving from childhood to adulthood and must surmount so many developmental issues. They are developing cognitively, physically and emotionally. They are changing biologically. Understanding these developmental issues and adapting treatment to the teenager’s needs is critical if we are to truly help them. Their learning style, family norms, emotional deficits, stage of development and co-occurring psychiatric issues must be conceptualized. Additionally it takes a layer of compassion, patience and empathy to be able to work with troubled teens. The adolescent specialists at Summit Behavioral Health encompass these traits. Clinicians are able to identify and treat psychiatric and other life difficulties. Our onsite psychiatrists and clinical nurse practitioners are able to evaluate and treat co-occurring psychiatric concerns as well.

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Levels of Care

From Intervention To After Care

Parents and professionals are encouraged to call us for guidance with referrals, to discuss specific needs and concerns, and to set up initial assessments. Our staff is here to help!

Teen Drug Rehab or IOP provides up to four to five days a week of treatment for a minimum of three hours daily. Weekly Family Group as well as individual and Family therapy is also provided. This level of care is designed to address addiction and extensive use while treating co-occurring issues and providing an ongoing evaluation. Urine screening is utilized.

Substance Abuse Programming

This level of treatment provides a combination of services we can combine to provide a “custom fit to the family and the teenager. This level of care is designed to be evaluative, preventative and to treat abuse and other co-occurring issues.

Services may include:

  • Education
  • Extended Evaluation
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Family Group
  • Teen Group
  • Urine Screening

Is your teen struggling with more than just school? Not sure if drug and alcohol use may be part of the problem. Schedule a thorough bio-psycho-social assessment with us. We can get you going in the right direction and may find your child has needs that can best be served with services other than ours.

The assessment goes beyond looking at drugs. We assess the whole person. Our goal is that you move forward with a recommendation that best addresses your teen’s needs.


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